Ciao, LJ.

After months of cross-posting here at LJ and on my personal blog at, I have decided to stop updating here. It's a manual process, and frankly, I forget to do it as much as I remember and that gets confusing.

I have generated a syndicated feed of my journal here: lori_piper, which you may add to your friends list if you want to keep reading. You may also check me out at

Thanks to jheaton for getting me started here and to everyone who has read and commented over the years. LiveJournal was a great home for me for a long time and I will always think that what y'all do here is pretty great.

Hope to see you on the other side.



I took a trip to Chicago earlier in the year for a convention. A furniture convention. Yeah, yeah--the excitement of my life knows no bounds.

In any case, it's been a crazy summer, and I never got around to posting the journal entry that I wrote on the plane home. It was all written and everything--just never posted it. I know, lame.

I should write more about my weird summer--between the conventions and the consumption and the weird, hideous, disfuguring skin virus, well, it has not been *un* eventful.

But that will have to wait. Today, it's all about Chicago.

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Sunday Brunch: Cars are Cars

Courtesy of Sunday Brunch dot org.

1. Who taught you how to drive? My Dad. He was a driver's ed teacher and so was uniquely qualified.

2. How old were you when you got your driver's license? Almost 17, maybe a month shy.

3. What kind of vehicle(s) do you own? I drive a 1999 Ford Explorer Sport. Autumn Orange. Vanity tags. :)

4. Is it an automatic or stick shift? Automatic. But I can drive a stick--my husband taught me 10 years ago so we could share the driving on a trip to Florida.

5. Do you keep the inside of your vehicle sparkly clean, fairly clean
or pretty much messy? Unbelievably messy.


Remembering you today.

You in the planes. You at your desk, on the 100th floor. You bussing tables at Windows on the World. You in the Pentagon. You on the ground, in the sky.

We were talking about it at dinner tonight. First time I have talked about it in a while. I used to talk about it all the time, but healing means moving on, to a large extent.

But it's Memorial Day. And, while I am grateful for the sacrifices made for my freedom by the men and women both long- and too recently- gone, it was you that I thought about, today.

For the first time in a long time, I gave in to the images, thought about the plane hitting the pentagon, thought about what it was like for the people in Arlington who saw the plane, the people on the 14th Street Bridge--my bridge, the bridge I cross every day--who saw it happen. Thought about the families, thought about where I was when I heard, who I told, how I felt.

Been a while since I let myself feel it.

So, you know, just...

Remembering you today.

Of Oprah and Book Clubs

I am not sure how I got sucked in, but I did.

Oprah is making me read Anna Karenina.

First, I gotta say that I love Oprah. I am addicted to Oprah. I trust that Oprah gives wise council.

If Oprah told me that I should eat more Chickpeas, I'd buy them by the case. If she told me that Orange really was the new blue, I'd paint my couch. If she told me to read Anna Karenina, I'd rush out and buy the special book club edition.

Wait. That actually happened. :)

The thing is that I am a reader. I read stuff. I read magazines. I read the Internet. I read billboads. I read cereal boxes. And, I read books, mysteries mostly these days, but I also dabble in contemporary literature. I've read my share of Pulitzer winners, of American Book Awardeds. I like a good book, a ripping yarn as my buddy John would say.

But--and this is huge--I'm not big on the classics. I managed a liberal arts degree without ever taking a lit class--don't ask how, I'm sure that it involved chicken's blood and an ancient artifact of some kind--and so am woefully inadequate when it comes to the classics. I read Ivanhoe in high school. I read Gatsby and The Three Musketeers in grad school--for fun, not for a class. But back then, I fancied myself a bit of an intellectual and those books reinforced that laughable image. I guess I read a little Shakespeare, now and then, but always preferred my Bard in the live action format--on the stage.

No, mostly, I read for pleasure and reading classics always seemed like work.

But I'm reading Anna Karenina, maybe because I think that doing hard things occasionally makes you a better person. Maybe because the book was mentioned in a Buffy/Giles story I was reading the other day and the synchronicity was too powerful to be denied. Maybe I'm just a hopeless fan-girl desperate for Oprah's approval.

Maybe--just maybe--I have lost my flipping mind.

I'll let you know how it shakes out.

My long weekend

Well, I am 75% of the way through my long weekend, and I can say that I have done nothing since Friday afternoon.

Well, nothing might be a bit extreme. But I haven't done much.

Friday night, we scooted out to Annapolis for a bit. John had a guitar lesson and I wanted to hit the used CD store. I bought some new George Michael (un-used) and some old George Michael (used). We went to Red Robin and I had a good cheeseburger.

Saturday, Philip came over and we played my recently-acquired Settlers of Cataan game--he won--and contemplated going to see Life of Brian in re-release. We didn't do that, although I am having trouble remembering why. I think that it was because it was late and John wanted to fish on Sunday, which he did.

So, Sunday, John went fishing and Philip and I went to 5 Guys for lunch--yummy fries!--and then, while we waited for John to get back from the fishing, I demanded a rematch. This time, the cards and dice were kind to me and I kicked a little Cataan butt. We didn't go to the movie again on Sunday, though, and again, I am unsure why. I did begin, at this point, to wonder if we would actually muster the energy to go at any point. Anyway, we went to Bugaboo, where I had a really wonderfully-cooked steak and some yummy mashed potatoes, plus some strawberry shortcake. The mushrooms were lame (I really need to remember that I don't like them there), but the waiter was delightful, so that made up for it somewhat.

Today, I sat. In the chair, in the living room. I watched some TV, I surfed the net. I tickled the cats. In short, I did nothing, till evening, when Philip came over and we went to the Bob. I got some pancakes and coconut creme pie. Then we headed to Borders where I picked up a couple books and a DVD --Bubba HoTep!--which brings us to now.

So, to sum up what I did with my holiday weekend, I slept, I bathed, I watched some TV, I read some Internet, I bought a new book. I watched a baseball game. I watched a bad Steve Martin movie. I had a good steak, two good cheeseburgers, some yummy fries, some lame mushrooms, toast, ramen noodles, pancakes and coconut creme pie.

We never did make it to Life of Brian.

We did nothing taxing, nothing exciting.

Just the way I like it.

Sunday Brunch: Rise and Shine!

Courtesy of Sunday Brunch dot org.

1. What time do you normally wake up? Most days, around 7. I don't leave for work till 9, though, so I do have an hour and a half available to me if I need it. But, if I sleep in, I don't get to play on the Internet, and then I just feel all wrong all day.
2. Do you wake with or without an alarm clock? With, most of the time. I find that the older I get, though, the less likely it is that I will sleep in. Even on my days off, I usually wake up about six hours after I go to bed.
3. Name the one thing you must have immediately to start your day. Internet.
4. How long after you wake up do you turn on your computer? Well, none of the computers are really ever off, but I am usually sitting in front of one within, say, 90 seconds of my feet hitting the floor.
5. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Do you eat breakfast every day? Rarely, and almost never at home (except on weekends). I sometimes make some toast once I get to work, or I have a Luna Bar or something if I am feeling peckish, but since I don't get to work till 9:45 and we, as a company, usually break for lunch around 12:30, breakfast frequently gets lost in the shuffle.

Word Association: Week 68

From Luna Nina

  1. Finale:: Buffy
  2. Martial arts:: Buffy
  3. Flirt:: Boys
  4. Energy:: Can
  5. Flavor:: Orange
  6. Guess?:: What?
  7. Accomplishment:: Diploma
  8. Prom:: Didn't go
  9. Diploma:: Didn't go
  10. Bloody:: William

Now, I know that I cheated on Prom and Diploma, cause those are two words--but it's honestly what popped into my mind: I didn't go to prom, and I didn't go to my college graduation.

In the former case, I just thought that I was too cool to go and dance in a room decorated with toilet paper, for godsake, so my date and I stayed home and watched movies and then crashed the after-prom, a much swankier event--(a) held at a country club, with the toilet paper in the bathrooms rather than hanging from the ceiling, and (b) no prom dress required. I wore a pair of khaki linen capris and a cream and olive striped sleeveless sweater.

Re: graduation, there were just too. many. people. I went to a big school--I would have been graduating with literally thousands of people. It didn't seem like I wanted to end my education feeling like a piece of cattle. So I went and saw some of my friends graduate at a small local school (the one that I attended for a year and a half, actually, before I left for the BIG SCHOOL), and then I drove over to my school (only 20 minutes away) and hung out till they were ready to hand out the diplomas. They don't do that at the ceremony, see, making the ceremony further useless. I was first in line for the diploma, though.

I don't remember what I wore that day, but I do remember that my car blew a headgasket on the way home and had to call my ex- to come rescue me. Talk about an uncomfortable car ride!