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tivogoddess's Journal

Lori Piper
25 September
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My name is Lori. I'm 37 years old. I am married, recently un-unemployed and still very worried about money. I am beginning to think that 13 months of unemployment have scarred me for life.

I love my family, my cats and my TiVo. I like Christmas and General Hospital and snow. I think that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the best television show ever. Angel is pretty good, too.

Did I mention that I am 37? That fact gives me much pause.

What else? My favorite word is "fabulous", my cats are named Owen and Zoe. I like to cook, but not to clean, meaning that my kitchen is usually a total disaster. I read a little, surf the net a lot, watch an inordinate amount of TV. I sometimes manage to drag myself to the movies. My favorite color is white, although many have pointed out that it's not a color at all. I think that I must like orange and purple, too. I do like music, but not the way that many people do. I rarely listen to the radio, and only find out about new music when someone else tells me about it.

I don't like the word "quixotic". I hate looking at pictures of myself and live in fear of being caught on video. This fear has lead to at least one embarrassing moment, at a wedding. I don't really like water very much and would prefer it if I could be clean without ever having to be wet. Most people think that that makes me very odd.

I don't like HTML. It gives me a headache.

You can't tell, but I have blue eyes.

When I was growing up, everyone in my immediate family had the same initials. My parents almost named me Lana. I wonder who I would have been if they had.
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